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February 5, 2017 / thackersam

Max And A Hard Place

That’s Max in the wall of my office at work. It’s a long story that goes back to election day, when I had to bring him with me while my apartment complex was supposed to be replacing both my windows in my corner apartment. They’ve been doing the whole complex. Due to a something on someone’s part, they did not have the right size for one set of windows, and three months later they came to replace that one. That was Friday, and Max came with me to work again.

You are getting the abridged version of the story as my laptop is in need of some fixing. Lucky you. Let’s just say that my 20 pound cat found an opening in the radiator no one knew about and found himself a new cave. It was frightening not knowing where he was though he was seen going into the radiator. But he just vanished after that. We were panicky, but through process of elimination figured he had to be in the wall. I managed to contort my old body so I could get my arm into the wall opening, cell phone set on camera firmly clutched in my hand, and took several shots with the nail of my thumb (this really was not easy), and was relieved to see Max just hanging out like he does in each of the many boxes he has in our alcove/studio. He likes hidey-holes and is not an idiot, so I felt he’d come out eventually. I had no idea how long he’d be in there and was prepared to spend the night if necessary, but he came out after about an hour, very dusty. My staff and I were very jittery the rest of the day, particularly my millennial as I had told her back on election day that if anything happened to my cat I’d have to kill her. Max didn’t seem to understand what the big deal was.

I considered the exercise I got wheeling Max from Battery Park City to a block south of the Bowling Green subway station, where we averted all massacres, to be Friday’s workout. I had loaded Max into his hard, escape-proof carrier, which is heavy, but I can shove him into it, and strapped that to my K-Mart hand truck, which is a wee bit short for me. The 15-20 minutes each way, with Max often quite vocal, really did a number on nearly every part of my body and by Saturday I could barely move. I’m much better now, thank you for your concern, and still got in over an hour workout tonight.

I have decided that Max should not come to the office anymore. Nothing good comes from it. Friday, he caused a some havoc, though somehow we managed to keep it amongst ourselves, and look what happened on election day.

BTW – Football doesn’t interest me and don’t care about the SuperBowl, but I am rooting for the Falcons. Sorry to my cousin, but even before I learned of the trump connection, I thought brady and the patriots were a bunch of infantile jerks.

One last thing tonight, as unbelievable as it still seems, and unreal, today is the third anniversary of my friend, my oldest and closest friend Vicki’s death. I watched the movie Chicago just a few hours ago thinking of her. 2003 was a really good time for us friendship-wise. I had gotten canned from my job and had lots of free time, so we went to the movies a lot. We enjoyed Chicago, particularly the Cell Block Tango. You know the one – “he had it coming…”

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