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February 12, 2017 / thackersam

I’d Rather Be At The Beach

I’m just winging it tonight. I’ve an hour to write and to post if I’m to stay on schedule, so let’s just see what happens. We know I’m never at a loss for a story, but I’m not in the mood to take on a memory, old or new, and construct it into something readable.

Let’s talk about the weekend. Nothing horribly exciting happened. I got a haircut on Saturday then went uptown to have dinner with Cousin Bratty. I hit a few thrift shops before we met up, always on the lookout for a cheap CD, and these days I’m obsessed with finding ashtrays. It’s hard enough finding any ashtray at all anymore, but I’m looking for old, cool ones. Something funky, something that maybe your parents bought for the bar in the basement of their suburban home to entertain friends and neighbors. I’ve not been successful yet. But the Housing Works uptown did have Mary Chapin Carpenter’s Come On Come On CD for a dollar, which has her wonderful rendition of Lucinda Williams’ “Passionate Kisses.”

Dinner was swell, and on the way home I learned that the Whole Foods near me is opened until 11pm. I had decided on Sunday that I would not be going to Tribeca’s Kitchen, and perhaps my lack of having a story, or a political rant tonight has something to do with not having Alberto taking such good care of me as I write. “The usual today, darling?” “Here you go, sweetheart.” He knows my name, but I like the endearments. And always coffee. Mostly my cup gets refilled a lot, but when Alberto decides it’s time, he will bring me a fresh cup and whisk the old one away. However, today I thought I’d go to the Jewish Rally for Refugees in Battery Park to show my support for refugees, cause we have got to help those people. Period.

It was freezing rain today, and I didn’t know what kind of turnout they’d have. I thought my extra body would help. Unlike the rally and march two weeks ago down in the Park, which had attracted an impromptu crowd of 10,000 or so, this looked like hundreds rather than thousands showed up. Still not bad considering the weather. The rally was to only be for an hour, no march, and was attended by Mayor De Blasio, NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer and others that I could not see. I stayed for about half an hour before toddling home. I have the Not My President rally on President’s Day next Monday, and am looking forward to the Day Without Women strike that doesn’t seem to have a set date yet, but unfortunately will miss the March for Science on Earth Day, April 22nd as I will be taking a class on social media each Saturday of that month.

And that was my weekend. Riveting, wasn’t it. What does the picture have to do with anything? Well, that’s me and Cousin Bratty of course. She’s the blond in red and I’m the dark-haired girl in yellow. The blond boys are her brothers and the other boy is my brother. I’d never seen this picture before Bratty’s mother found it recently. I can tell you this, it’s Jones Beach, probably Tobay, and knowing my brother, he was not hiding behind our young cousin, but probably threatening to throw the boy into the ocean. Great picture though.

And I see my time is up. No time to proof or make any changes, so I’ll just hit publish.


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