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July 9, 2017 / thackersam

Good Night

Now that I’ve learned how to embed a video in my blog, it is time, as Linda Ronstadt sings the Beatles song written by John and performed by Ringo, to say good night.

I’m not going to the IWWG – International Women’s Writing Guild annual conference this year as I had done for about a dozen summers since 2002, and last year may have been my last year. The Guild has gone through a rough patch, for which I could see both sides, and took neither, and seems to be coming through it nicely. I will stay a member and wish them the best, but the Skidmore days were so very special and Mulhern doesn’t move me. IWWG has a brand spankin’ new logo that they just unveiled and will be sportin’ a new website any time now. You can check it out at

I may still attend some of the local events. I had wanted to go to last year’s Spring Big Apple Conference this year, especially since it was being held at Poets House, which is just little more than a five minute walk up the river from where I live. I like saying that – “it’s just up the river from me.” But I had a conflict as it was Earth Day, and there were rallies that needed attending. But I will be in attendance for my third year at the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference in late August.

Friday would have been my mother’s 89th birthday. She shared her birthday with Ringo Starr who turned 77 this year on 7/7/17. If he lives to see 2077 that would be great all around, and pretty amazing. Ringo was my mother’s favorite Beatle, because of the shared birthday and because in Yellow Submarine, someone, probably John, called him sentimental. My nutty stepmother in Holland will turn 91 on Saturday.

And that’s all I want to say. Yes, that’s it. The Walrus Was Paul will be going on hiatus, probably for a long time, maybe for good. Nothing major. It’s just time. Since completing the project on which the blog is based, having exercised to my record collection A-Z with just a couple of exceptions (please note that I did work out to George Carlin’s AM/FM, a comedy album), I have not had a focus for the blog and have been wandering aimlessly. And it’s been great. I’ve told stories about my past, provided anecdotes about musicians, gotten all political, and have taken you with me on a diet, exercise and music journey that also works on the vocal chords and attitude.

During the first year, practically from the beginning, Vicki and I lost an old friend, I then had my best birthday ever, all day and night, and then unexpectedly, Vicki, my bestest and oldest friend suddenly died. We also lost rock icons that are represented in my music collection, like David Bowie, Joe Cocker, Leon Russell and Cynthia Robinson from Sly and the Family Stone. I discovered Amy Winehouse and other artists that expanded my music appreciation. I learned early on that Paul McCartney is really a good guy and that John Lennon was kind of not so nice. And last year I underwent surgery for my second bout of breast cancer, and all is good (knock wood).

The Walrus Was Paul will remain, but I won’t be posting anymore. One never knows though and I could change my mind in a couple of weeks. Perhaps I will post if there is some monumental event like if I finally finish any one of the writing projects I’ve started, or actually do something with my play Miss Lucy and The Psychic Virgin, the only project I’ve completed. Or if I move, either out of my apartment with its wonderful view of The Statue of Liberty, or out of the City entirely. Or if I finally reach that allusive size 8.

Eventually, hopefully soon, I will update my About page to reflect the blog’s status, but I never even got around to changing it since the project ended. And so, as you listen to this lovely song done by one of the loveliest voices, I will leave you with this – Music. Me, I happen to be a rock ‘n roll kind of gal, but listen to whatever does it for you. Listen to it, sing, dance, play air guitar or drum on your desk. You can even pick up a real instrument. Get lost in it, but take care of those precious eardrums. Music, music, music.

BTW – Thanks. And sweet dreams.

Please, I can say no more.

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