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July 2, 2017 / thackersam

The Return of RallyWoman

I took the day off on Thursday. Tuesday too. And of course, we’re off this Tuesday for the 4th of July. Not feeling the work thing. So I came to Tribeca’s Kitchen for lunch on Thursday, and as soon as I walked in the owner said to me “He’s not here.” What! “He went back to Mexico and won’t be here all week.” We never mentioned Alberto’s name. Didn’t have to. But now I know that Alberto is Mexican, and that is significant because he is the epitome of a hard-working and dedicated employee, and a heck of a nice guy. He works six days a week, with Tuesday as his only day off. I must admonish him for not letting me know of his time off, but now I know I don’t have to rearrange my usual Sunday visit for brunch to Saturday, which I do on occasion so I can get in that Alberto time.

But today was the Impeachment March, and RallyWoman has been inactive too long of late. I’m confused, and unable, sometimes unwilling, to keep up. So much bizarreness, too many issues and too much empowerment of the stupids. Those who can’t afford Medicare can always get jobs, …. My favorite is trump calling the house healthcare bill mean, with the lying idiots that surround him denying he said that, but when Obama calls it mean, trump accuses him of stealing his word, mean, thus admitting to having said it. Hello?!?

But how funny is our president? The little dickens, minus the ens. I was kind of hoping that Mika and the rest of The Morning Joe on-air talkers would have all been made up to appear that they just came out of surgery, the plastic kind, all bloodied, bruised and bandaged.

I do believe that trump has a substance abuse pr0blem. Remember the debate sniffing that had everyone talking? Carrie Fisher came out and said that she thought he had a cocaine problem, and, she added, she oughta know (don’t you think oughta oughta be a real word?). And then you know what? A couple of months later, Carrie Fisher is dead. I’m just sayin’. It probably is just a coincidence. But, shortly thereafter, horribly affected by her daughter’s death, we lose a legend of American cinema. I’ll just leave it at that and move on. The Walrus Was Paul is of little consequence but does not want to be on anyone’s hit list.

The Impeachment March was actually a rally in front of trump’s international hotel at Columbus Circle. It was a small rally, but enthusiastic.  There was chanting and cheering and the thumbs up and peace signs from the tourists that rode the tops of the double-decker buses as they drove by (okay, they mostly took pictures of us), and the honking of horns in support from taxi drivers and just those driving up Central Park West. There was one lone trump supporter with his trump 2020 flag at first until a handful of creepy white guys with a seemingly out of place darker skinned young woman just following them around, showed up. I left long before the end so other than making an uncomfortable presence, I don’t know if they had anything else in mind.

But it surely will not be enough to impeach president not-right-in-the-head, or any of his other organs. We must get rid of the evil republicans. I’m not saying that all republicans are evil, some are just misguided, and not all democrats are good people.  [Here is where I went on a bit of a political rant going so far as to suggest that we string Mitch McConnell up by his fat neck, giving him ample time to repent, but I deleted it.]

Even though it was an Alberto-less Sunday, I feel that I was there to represent him and all of us immigrants, children of immigrants and children of children of immigrants, and so on. And although on Thursday, no one was making sure my coffee cup was filled, and no one brought me plain vinegar rather than the mixed dressing because I don’t think to ask as Alberto has it all under control, I do have to say that Tribeca’s Kitchen makes a mighty fine burger.

BTW – On the music and exercise front, I mentioned previously that I’ve been re-exploring some of my CD finds from the discount racks, and that Stevie Nicks’ Bella Donna, still did not do it for me. I’ve also tried Joan Jetts’ Sinner, and let me tell you that each song was unmistakably Joan Jett, and Annie Lennox’s Diva, which despite kicking off with that heart-gnashing “Why”, couldn’t hold my attention. Mind you these are artists I respect and are some of the great voices of rock, and Bella Donna and Diva were highly acclaimed works, but meh. However, I have, among the cheap CDs, re-discovered Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill, and that is totally wowing me.

Photos: putin showed up with trump in his pants; creepy guy #1; your basic rally shot.

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