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January 29, 2017 / thackersam

Steely Dan Gold – Expanded Edition 1991


Prologue: Mopey me who spent most of Saturday in bed during which time I wrote tonight’s post, then Sunday went to Tribeca’s Kitchen for breakfast and some needed kindness from Alberto, realized when I got home this afternoon that I had to go back out. There was a rally going on right down in Battery Park to protest trump’s war on immigrants, and I wouldn’t be much of a good old-fashioned American protester if I didn’t get my butt down there. It’s all of a 10 minute walk away. I had my determined walk on, and I do not wear my boots lightly, so I may have made it in half the time with people on the paths turning to see who was coming. There were already thousands there, 10 I hear. Gotta love us New Yorkers, no matter where we came from or how long we’ve been here, we can assemble a peaceful, impromptu rally of 10,000 in no time at all. Born from last night’s nationwide airport protests (Props to Terminal 4 at JFK!) people came with makeshift signs, many written on the sides of cardboard boxes, and most who came marched over to the courthouses as the rally wound down. There’s nothing like a good protest rally, and living in a country where we can still do that, to lift one’s spirits.

Now, tonight’s post:

After that disappointing purchase from the Brooklyn Heights Housing Works that consisted of two empty CD cases at a dollar each, the Tribeca store offer a lovely consolation prize. Amidst the collection of Laurie Anderson and Pet Shop Boys CDs that someone must have just unloaded, was the Steely Dan Gold compilation. Excellent find. This extended edition ends with the live version of Bodhisattva. For those who don’t know of which song I speak, it’s the one that when you hear it in a bar, you sing along as Buddha Socka, using your beer bottle as your microphone. But you know what the CD starts with? That’s right, my favorite and possibly yours, “Hey Nineteen.” Hence the picture, though I kind of doubt is specifically of Cuervo Gold and fine Columbian, but you get the idea. I found “Aja” last summer, which I haven’t listened to since, but this one, even though it doesn’t include my other two personal favorites, “Dirty Work” and “My Old School,” will be played often.

I had such a sucky morning at work Friday, which followed a sucky Thursday afternoon that I wound up leaving early and bought a bag of assorted Snickers, a small bag of Doritos, and almond cookies for dinner. I don’t remember the last time I felt bad enough to buy and consume even one of those, although I did treat myself to an almond chocolate croissant a couple of week ago. It was very good. The cookies, you’ll be happy to know, lasted until Saturday night. I will forge on.

BTW – Ah, never mind. Oh wait, I’ve got one. My nighttime ritual includes watching the old Perry Mason series at 11:30 weeknights that ran from late 50s to early 60s. I had never seen the original, but enjoyed the revitalized version in the 80s, both of which starred Raymond Burr as Mason and Barbara Hale as his loyal secretary Della Street. As I was watching Friday night I learned that Barbara Hale has just died at age 94. As I watch the original Perry Mason, I wonder why he was not disbarred, or imprisoned, but I also appreciate that the secretary was a strong and sensible character. And that of course leads me to the death of the oh so very beloved Mary Tyler Moore. I walked into my staff’s office to tell them she had died, not knowing if my Generation Xer and Y (the millennial) even knew who she was. Both women were dismayed. Sure they knew Mary. We all owe a lot to her.

I’ve got another one – If my laptop holds up and/or I get it fixed and/or get a new one, I will be adding a mid-week post to The Walrus Was Paul now and then as I’ve got a lot to say.

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