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October 11, 2013 / thackersam

October 11 – Friday – The Routine

Before I return to the project this weekend, this may be a good time to explain the workout routine and its evolution.

After going to yoga once a week for three months, then purchasing the record player, I decided that I would try doing the legs against the wall exercise a few times a week, for which side one of Jefferson Airplane’s Surrealistic Pillow worked nicely. I found myself moving in the position of lying on my back with my legs straight up the wall – good for menopause symptoms, so I’ve been told. I started doing a little aerobics on my back and even sit-ups. Eventually, I wanted to exercise for longer and Paul McCartney’s Ram fit the bill. Side one provided me with the inspiration to run, jump and dance around the apartment, though I was feeling like one of the dancing hippos from Disney’s Fantasia, just not as spry. I added weights to the floor routine that side two covered, till a friend said she was concerned with my lifting the weights over my head. I gasped, though I didn’t know why, and even though I knew we both had had a bit too much wine at the time, and still didn’t understand the danger, I added the three-pound weights to the aerobic portion instead.

So currently, to whichever album I exercise, I start slow, moving around the room, which I’m happy to say is now more like gliding, with the weights. To whatever song two is, I do an exercise that is supposed to address the bat wings. I don’t like it, but Max, my cat, really likes when I’m in this bent position and rubs on the weight that is not in use at the time. Then I continue the aerobics and weights through the rest of side one, with Max sometimes swatting me as I go by. While Max enjoys his participation in side one, he really likes side two when I am on the floor.

Now, before I put my legs against the wall, I do three sit-ups, followed by six leg lifts, then 24 (started at 12) knee-to-elbow sit-ups, the leg lifts again, the knee-to-elbow sit-ups one more time, another set of leg lifts, and the six regular sit-ups until I move back into the legs against the wall position. I just do whatever I feel like in the position, sit-ups, bicycle, stretches. When the album ends, I do yoga eye movements and 30 reps of a couple of exercises aimed at my turkey neck and jowls. Then I chant. It’s minor chanting, starting with three-part breaths and exhaling in a note that’s most comfortable, then inhaling and exhaling a note higher, inhaling and exhaling a note lower, ending with inhaling and exhaling in a note that’s even higher. Not complicated, but it feels good. Before I get up, which is becoming easier as I go, I do spinal twists, and end the routine with standing arm stretches and three repetitions of back bends and toe touches.

That’s where I am now. It started simple, and is still simple as I add to the routine only when it is comfortable to do so.

By the way, this is Max.


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