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October 11, 2013 / thackersam

October 8 – Tuesday – I’m a Blogger

With the assistance of a very nice young techie, I have set up my blog and have been posting the first month of the project.

During the tail end of the break, which had grown in its intended length, I had some bad news regarding an old friend, and then some other annoying disappointment. So for a few days I didn’t exercise, not even to Ram. Plus I was still eating as if I had no weight to lose. Mostly, I look forward to my exercise routine and knew that I would feel better if I could just get my butt out of the chair and tear myself away from spider solitaire. I could feel my belly expanding. Finally, after a much needed shower I got myself moving, and writing. And it DID make me feel better, a little, then the next night, a little better than that.

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