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October 15, 2013 / thackersam

October 13 – Sunday – Camelot Cast Album

It was not easy taking Ram off the turntable and again sliding it into its sleeve then putting it back in the M’s. I wasn’t enthused to return to the project as I faced the 1960 Broadway cast album of Camelot, to be followed immediately by a comedy album.

I believe I might have been five or six when my father took my mother, my brother and me to see the show as I think it was the original cast of Richard Burton, Julie Andrews, Robert Goulet and Roddy McDowell, all of whom are gone now, with the exception of Julie Andrews, who I just loved in Despicable Me. I know for sure that Robert Goulet was still in the cast because as soon as he walked on stage, I fell in love.

At the time, I was also in love with Sonny Fox of Wonderama fame, and the man in the red pick-up truck who waved to me every time our car and his vehicle were side by side on the highway. So, I got Robert Goulet, but nothing else about the show. Everything else was over my head.

The workout itself wasn’t bad, mostly due to Max’s feistiness throughout side one as he challenged me each time I approached the spot he took in the middle of the room. His excitement over the workout game made it much more enjoyable. Side one of the record was in pretty good condition considering its age, except for the last song. “How to Handle a Woman” crackled badly as if someone had played it over and over, and it grew in crispiness until the end when it repeated the last note until I hit stop. I think same thing may happen when we get to Rickie Lee Jones.

I hope nobody minds that Camelot is going back to the end of the collection and does not retain a spot amongst the C’s.

Btw – The way to handle a woman is to love her, merely love her, love her, love her.

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