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October 8, 2013 / thackersam

August 21 – Wednesday – Alice Cooper – Killer

thCA38LQEEUnfortunately, I don’t have Million Dollar Baby, and had to exercise to Alice Cooper’s Killer, which proved to be one I may have to look into as a Ram alternative, when I get through all of this. Who knew? And here I was disappointed that it wasn’t the album I thought it was. I found myself singing along with “Be My Lover,” the words coming back to me from decades ago – in another century. I even played it a second time to get a little more aerobics in.

Each night, I unplug the CD player to which the record player is attached, otherwise it’ll keep popping back to life saying HELLO as if I had called it. And I put the album on for next time, so I am better aware of what’s coming up.

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