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October 9, 2013 / thackersam

August 24 – Saturday – The Beatles – Abbey Road

Already out of the A’s – Done with Alice and on to the B’s and The Beatles’ Abbey Road.

I had to face it, I had gotten fat. I had started to put on weight and a belly about five years ago due to this never-ending menopause thing that had been causing me not to sleep more than three to four hours a night. It began with the arrival of the cousins, the once 34 A breasts that became 36 Bs. I thought it may be time to invest in a 36 C bra, but the appropriately named Raquel at a Victoria’s Secret sent me off with a 34 D. The belly was following suit. Then I had a pesky surgery and quickly tacked on another 15 pounds. I hit 167. In February I had started yoga. I had a Groupon for three months of unlimited yoga that I had wanted to use in the fall, but that surgery thing put a kibosh on that. So I went faithfully once a week, twice if I could, but seldom, walking the hour from my apartment to Chelsea, did the beginner class, and realized I felt no different but kind of started to like chanting. Didn’t do much after the Groupon ran out. And then came the record player, largely due to Ram.

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