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October 8, 2013 / thackersam

August 20, 2013 – It’s a Tuesday


I’m starting tonight. I have been very good about exercising recently. I even look forward to it – adding different movements here and there. I’ve gone from one side of an album to the whole album, and then some, particularly if it’s a short album.

I bought myself a record player. A darned good investment, but I soon got bored and found myself not enjoying albums or artists I used to, and not able to put up with all the other songs surrounding that one song I bought the record for anymore. I tried exercising to different albums. Jefferson Airplane’s Surrealistic Pillow worked when the whole routine consisted of less than 20 minutes of me on my back with my legs up against the wall, but as I expanded the routine, adding weights and aerobics and needed a whole album, I kept coming back to Ram, Paul McCartney’s second solo album. Playing side two first followed by side one, as it suits my routine better. I played the whole album the four to five nights a week I would exercise starting at 9pm. The neighbors, I thought, must think me mad or obsessed, the same record often night after night followed by four chanted notes.

So tonight, right now as soon as I’m done writing, I will start – A to Z. I counted about 127 records, give or take, given the multiple album sets and that when counting I got a little forgetful around 80. I will start with Alice Cooper, the group not the singer, and end with ZZ Top, pre-MTV. Good luck to us all.

Alice Cooper – Love It To Death

Side one is uninspiring, and I know I didn’t buy the album for “I’m 18.” Or did I buy it? I think I borrowed it way back in high school and never returned it. Well, this is so not a good way to start. I do believe I owe my friend’s brother a couple of bucks. Side two showed more promise. Short workout that didn’t go much beyond the length of the album, which is shorter than Ram, but considering it is a full moon, I’ll excuse myself. Who’d a thought those guys could come up with a catchy little ditty like Sun Arise?

More Alice Cooper next. Looking forward to Million Dollar Baby.

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