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April 23, 2017 / thackersam

The Slider Dilemma

Why is it, do you think, that badder is a word and gooder is not? I thought perhaps badder was just acceptable slang – but nope, there it is in the dictionary. It’s a legitimate word, as is baddest, but there is no gooder. If’ I am trying to be a good person, which I am already but need improvement, being better doesn’t seem to cover it. I need to be gooder. And best, for this discussion, cannot replace goodest.

And you know what that means? It means I have no conducive nor acceptable pieces of writing to post tonight. Some good stuff I don’t want to share and a couple of – nah, that’s kind of dumb – reactions when I look down at the page. So get ready to ramble.

I got a new notebook. It’s purple, not exactly a shade I like and it doesn’t go with my lavender pen (Reminder – I buy 10 packs of multi-colored Pilot G2 07 pens and have to use the lavender one sometime. Please keep that in mind if you ever see me writing with the pink one). But I’ve got near every color and shade of spiral notebook ever made, and this purple I don’t have. It’s also college-ruled, 100 sheets, 9X12, Staples’ finest at $2.79, which shows I no longer scrimp on my writing tools. In my scrimping days, I would wait for the after-school sales and buy five wide-ruled notebooks for $2. No more. I’m serious – as I write in my purple notebook with my lavender pen. Oh – and the cardboard cover is still so nice and stiff, and I’m only on the third page so, so I’m writing on a hard surface rather than a pile of paper.

Ever notice that I use dashes a lot? I think it’s because sometimes a comma won’t do, and I never understood the whole colon, semi-colon thing. Life would be less confusing if we eliminated the semi-colon altogether. Perhaps when my current need to be RallyWoman has come to fruition, and marijuana and prostitution are legalized (marijuana first, but think of how legalizing prostitution would benefit the economy, not to mention the prostitutes), I will start a campaign to abolish the semi-colon. Oh don’t – what about this issue or that me, I’m doing my part and by the time I reach my goals, I would be entitled to a little frivolous protesting.

Anyway, I’m going to a business conference with my lovely associate director soon and I want to at least lose the three extra pounds I put on rather than dropped, meaning that I now have 6 lbs I’d very much like to lose before I go. It’s doable if motivated and I swear I could feel the first pound sliding away. But then – I’m on this event committee at work and as I have some experience planning business events, kind of a lot of experience actually, I’m looked to to do much of the planning like site selection.

After my noon acupuncture session for my neuropathy the other day, I took a looksee at one of the venues we’re considering that happens to be in that area, a bar in FiDi called The Malt House. The young Irishman who had been showing me the digs started going over the menu of platters and hors d’oeuvres (I LOVE hors d’oeurvres!) causing my stomach to rumble. I begged him to stop, having not yet had my lunch. So, he fed me. Yes, I’m easy, and yes, I can be bought with free food. And this was mighty good. I chose to sit at the end of the bar near the kitchen that provided much elbow room, so not to take up a table during a the Friday lunch rush. It looks cooler, too.

The young Irishman would surprise me and soon a tall mound of salad adorned with very thin slices of whole pears was placed in front of me. It also contained pear julienne and chopped pistachio nuts, with a champagne dressing. Sound good, right? You may recall that I do not like fruit in my food. I like fruit – Alberto serves me my berries every weekend, as he did this morning, and I eat a few navel oranges during the week, but not in my salad, nor on my duck or in my alcoholic beverages.

Well, this salad got gobbled up in its entirety, and not just because I was hungry. I eyed the three pork tenderloin sliders I had waiting for me as I ate the salad. I could have one slider and bring the other two back, I mulled thinking of my extra poundage and my colleagues back at the office. But there were three people I would need to share them with, and I am not that nice of a person to be giving up mine. Was my associate still doing her Lent thing? Cause that would solve that problem, however as I tried to resolve my dilemma, the first slider, which was topped with an incredibly light onion ring and aioli was gone, and there was a bite taken out of the second. And then another bite. I soon realized that I could not bring just one slider back, and long story not as long as it could have been – I still have 6 lbs to lose. But we are now 99% sure we are going with this place.

BTW – I do not associate all men with this attitude, as I would hope I would not be associated with women like Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and the bought and paid for woman who is currently costing New Yorkers millions, but a big thanks to the advertising industry that forced the rapist-mentalitied Bill O’Reilly off the air. Shame on him, shame on fox news for that attitude that women do not deserve equal pay, but hey, we’ll pay millions to our boys in hush money and severance, when they should all be in prison wearing nothing but assless chaps. Just sayin’. Here’s one for Hillary, buttwads.

And then there is Alberto, who takes very good care of me. I don’t know if he’s a good man or not, but he is the goodest waiter. The pictures – that’s Alberto delighting a table of three young women last week, and conversing with a little boy this morning.

Aside – I chose the Earth Day rally in Foley Square yesterday over the Science March yesterday. “Tens of thousands” attended the latter, and maybe about 200 were at the rally. I’ve attended rallies in the rain before, but for this one, either the organizers or the AV guys did not take the weather into consideration. Anybody think of maybe a bullhorn as a backup?

Update – Sunday morning weigh-in=5.5 lbs to go.

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