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October 23, 2016 / thackersam

Pea Soup Tuesday

I first wrote about going to the doctor this week (just a check-up), which led to a 35 year old story about pea soup. Real pea soup, not, and never, a reference to The Exorcist. It really was very excellent pea soup with croutons that were even better, but, who wants to read a story about pea soup? Then, I thought you might want to read about the naked man in my hallway just before 2am on Tuesday morning, but it’s not as interesting as it sounds. I just can’t imagine ever being that drunk.

I took a First Aid/CPR class on Thursday at work. I now can use a defribrillator (when I yell for the AED, you best know what I’m talking about), and think I may not be totally useless in an emergency. But that’s the extent of that story. I could continue last week’s post by discussing what it must be like to be a Bob Dylan AND not acknowledge, for whatever reason, the Nobel Prize just bestowed upon me. But I won’t. I can’t. I’m too distracted. I’ve got a million old stories I could share with you, some of them of the highly amusing sort, but my level of distraction is so high, it’s the one about pea soup that rises to the top.

BTW – A couple of weeks ago, it occurred to me that I want very much to have a memento of this time in our history. In my history. I now have my Woman Card, and perhaps eventually I will get my Such A Nasty Woman T-Shirt.

And Another Thing – I do think it was a bold move on the Nobel Prize in Literature academy members to give Bob Dylan this award. I think they are to be commended, although I am of the Huh? camp. I do hope that their recipient’s lack of response does not cause them regret or embarrassment, unless they did not consider this could possibly be an outcome. Then they really needed to do their homework better.

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