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October 16, 2016 / thackersam

More Reasons to Be Cheerful

bob-dylan-nobel-prizeMore Reasons to Be Cheerful

  • Well, how ’bout that Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. With that news, I took out my Bob Dylan thrift store record album find and proudly marched around to “Rainy Day Women,” because it reinforces that fact that we are not so all alone. It is an interesting and unconventional choice, and I say kudos to Mr. Zimmerman and to the Swedish Academy, who perhaps were also listening to that particular song when they voted.
  • October is such a lovely month with its beautiful colors and cool crisp weather that allows me to break out my collection of fall jackets, all of which I believe are also thrift store finds. Yes, I have a bit of a fall jacket collection (one winter coat), and yes, I have too many shoes, considering I will wear the same boots for more than half the year. And it is boot season! However, in cleaning out the bottom portion of a closet today, I had to throw away a lot of pairs of shoes and boots that were no longer presentable. Some have hung around for sentimental reasons. In fact, to the one non-black pair; a coincidentally multi-fall colored strappy pair of Thom McCann’s, I said goodbye and thank you.
  • I cleaned the bottom portion of a closet.
  • It looks like I am finally going to be able to give my cherished colleague the promotion she has well deserved for several years. Maybe. Though given the green light to forge ahead, we are both still dubious because people lie for whatever reasons liars lie. And don’t you hate when sexists warn you not to use sexism as an issue?
  • There are other reasons to be cheerful which include being very happy for friends who have been successful in their quests, or in their businesses, and for reminding me that people can be smart and caring and concerned for the state of the world. I am particularly cheered at the news that there is rain in the valley. And thank you Bob Dylan for helping a whole generation long ago open their minds.
  • BTW – Someone pointed out that Luke Perry is on the cover of AARP Magazine. I just joined recently. Keep Smiling.

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