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April 5, 2015 / thackersam

April 5 – April 4th

IMG_1319 (3)I don’t know how to handle the comments that are left by readers of my blog. Obviously. I don’t get many, except for all that spam stuff, which can be very amusing at times. However, now and then I do get more legitimate comments. I told you about the Kinks guy back in September I think, who was so perturbed that The Kinks Kronikles album didn’t bowl me over that we wrote to me twice. He did refer to me as a “smart music reviewer” so I won’t hold a grudge, but I’m not a music reviewer. The Walrus Was Paul is not really a blog, it’s a journal, and I just hit post when I’m done sending out into the world.

And don’t start a comment by writing something like “I totally disagree with you.” I’m not debating. These are my memories, my stories, my feelings about the music, much of which I’d not heard in a long time or had yet to be explored. Besides, how many times could I write that I love Laura Nyro. I do! She was just a better songwriter than performer.

And then there was that nice young man, – and you are young sweetie, I’ve seen many more Februaries than you – who in a bit of a lengthy response paid his condolences on the loss of my friend, and shared with me that he lost his grandmother one February as well, but then went on to scold me for being too harsh for wanting to abolish the whole month.

So, I don’t know how to handle the comments. I’m not saying to stop, mind you. I like seeing them, reading them, and along with all those who have hit “like” or even “follow” I have gone into your sites to learn what you are up to and where you’re coming from. (I was not so lucky with the enigmatic me and Razoo Kelley.) I like having my small band of followers and my mystery Brazilians, and I think I’m a good blogger. I hope I’m entertaining and at times thought provoking. I am consistent. But I do seem to be in my own little world and don’t reach out to others as much as I could. So at the risk of sounding too maudlin or manipulative (there is an element of both), I do appreciate being able to share my thoughts and stories and music, and knowing that there are some out there that take an interest.

Btw – Happy Anniversary to my cousin on one whole year of our re-cousining!

You know I really love seltzer, but I’ve got to stop drinking it before exercising.


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