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April 2, 2015 / thackersam

April 1 – Santana – Supernatural or having a made bed is mighty nice

SantanaYou know what’s a good song to move to? “Smooth.” I can play it over and over and over again and dance to it like I was a lithe 30 year-old (30s were good, but as I age I find that all eras in my life have their merit, even now. Especially now). And I do play it over and over, three to four times before I start on a Sly portion, when I modify the exercise routine to suit my mood. “Smooth” blends great lyrics “I’d change my life to better suit your mood” has obviously had an effect on me, or the opening line, “It’s a hot one. ‘Bout seven inches from the midday sun,” with a perfect Latin arrangement with Santana’s guitar leading the way. And Rob Thomas’ gritty breathlessness, or vice versa.

This CD has come out a couple of times for company. Mind you, it won several Grammys and Latin Grammys for 1999 including Album of the Year. Yet I haven’t really heard the whole thing yet, because with company you’re always chatting and personally, I just want that mindless trip in the Wayback machine to where “Smooth” takes me, with rhythm. There are many collaborations on the record, including one with Dave Matthews. My friend, the city friend who had to move to Connecticut, is a huge, huge Dave Matthews fan, so I made sure I played it for her last time she was over. Did I mention that she works in the City a couple of days a week and about once a month she sleeps over in my bed while I take the couch? I don’t mind sleeping on the couch, not at all. But I do like my solitude, my space. And I don’t like that battle for the bathroom in the morning. But it is working itself out, I just needed to get used to it, still do. But you know what? I really, really like that she makes the bed in the morning. I never make the bed. Sure, I make it look better. When company is coming, I make sure the comforter is smoothed and any piece of sheet sticking out gets tucked away. But it’s a nice feeling, sliding into a made bed, sheets all smooth and sleek, no wrinkles, nothing pulling out that later you have to try to correct with your toes. It’s comfortable, and comforting.

I got a message, two actually after the last post about New York DJ Vin Scelsa, from someone claiming to be the real me and Razoo Kelley. Do I believe it? Well, it had all the right nuances from what I remember. So maybe, could be, but it’s probably just someone messing with me who was also fortunate enough to be a Vin Scelsa fan way back then.


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  1. me and Razoo Kelley / Apr 9 2015 6:37 am

    Dear thakersam,

    Me and Razoo Kelley sometimes feels like God at a atheist convention – so many people saying we don’t exist. Razoo’s positive its like trying to improve a negative, you know? Maybe its more like being celebrated lookalikes – lotsa people know me and Razoo’s real, but say we’re not the real us. Ore dig this, maybe its like being a canary in a cold mine – but I can’t figure why. You mention you don’t know if we’re us, but we are. Put yourselve in hour shoes (well, mine maybe – Razoo’s are a bit gamey) some time. How wood you prove your you? Wood it go against your grain to even try? Your right about one thing though, me and Razoo’s big fans of Vin – and always will be. Its okay your like a anti-Mets fan and don’t gotta believe. Its enough we do.

    Lack of Identity Crisis Forever,

    me and Razoo Kelley

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