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January 19, 2015 / thackersam

January 18 – The Best of Sting – Fields of Gold 1984-1994

StingThe Best of Sting was one of the recent dollar CD purchases from Housing Works. I like Sting and I liked The Police, whose songs I can sing along better to than those from Stings solo career. However, I own no music of either, till now. My friend Amy liked The Police very much. Her musical tastes ran the gamut: classical, rock, new wave. Her interest in The Police I think was largely due to her finding Sting to be quite appealing indeed. Did I mention that before when I wrote about her around Halloween? Or perhaps when I found The Police CD in the library that time. In any case, she wasn’t chatty about her attraction to certain men, at least not to me, but she didn’t have to be. I understood in the few words she would slyly offer that she was attracted to Sting, Peter Martins of the New York City Ballet, and enjoyed flirting with my boyfriend, better known these days as the ex. Let it be known though that as a longtime flirt myself, something I believe I have a talent for, I genuinely support the practice and its benefits as long as both parties understand that it is just healthy flirting. I knew that Amy would never cheat on her husband and could appreciate that others found my guy attractive, so I had no problem with her benefitting from his charm.

There are some beautiful songs on Sting’s best of, like “Fields of Gold” and I like “Englishman In New York.” Not the best and not the worst to workout to, but I forced myself anyway, thinking about Amy and old times. By the way, last time I wrote about her, I mentioned that she had a trench coat named Basil but neglected to note that it was herringbone, an important fact to omit. And another by the way, my favorite Police song is “Wrapped Around Your Finger,” but I will always be pissed that Sting’s collaboration with Eric Clapton, “It’s Probably Me” from one of the Lethal Weapon sequels wasn’t nominated for an academy award. Stupid Disney year.

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