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January 15, 2015 / thackersam

January 14 – King Crimson – The Beat Club, Bremen 1972

King CThe Housing Works near my City cousin is great. Lots of stuff, good turnover. Plus they have a big CD collection. Nothing I could get too excited over, but hey, they’re a buck each, and for the five I bought there I could get one from the discount section of Barnes and Noble.

Last night, I wasn’t feeling that desire to exercise or write. I tried watching Knight and Day, a movie that always cheers me up, but turned it off less than midway through and forced myself into the kitchen to do the dishes. I was running out of forks and coming dangerously close to having to resort to what was left from the old set of glasses that are kept for those times I can’t get myself to wash dishes. I didn’t want to get to that point. I thought I’d put on the King Crimson CD that was among the five and came without its cover so I’ve little notion of what it is. But I remember me some King Crimson, “Court of the Crimson King” and all that, and they were among the favored bands of those high school friends who liked The Grateful Dead, The Kinks and Pink Floyd.

The music on this particular CD, which began with background noise of some sort, sounds like someone, or possibly more, learning to play a few different instruments. A lot of that abstract stuff. Just the kind of thing I hate. Okay, dislike a whole bunch. Hate is such a strong word. The first of the three songs or compositions, was a half hour improv. Needless to say, I was not inspired to exercise to it, or move about even a tad, but I did get the dishes done and then some. Problem is they don’t stay done.

Tonight – Back to Sly.

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