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November 13, 2014 / thackersam

November 12 – Housekeeping

BeetlejuiceThe ex mentioned that when I started The Walrus Was Paul last year, I included more about the exercise portion of the project and now I’m concentrating more on the music aspect. I am aware that the original intent of the blog was the melding of music, memories and fitness, and it still is. I’m only posting twice a week now, but I’m still exercising four to six times per for about an hour each time. And I know that I should post an updated photo, but truth is I hate having my picture taken, and my phone’s camera seems to be permanently stuck on the hag setting. But I did recently give an update on the 145lb milestone, and confessed that I was not helping it along at the moment diet-wise, and while I feel the slight differences in my agility, in the definition of my arms and in the separation of butt and thigh, you can pretty much still go by the year-old picture of me showing off my squatting abilities. I predict that the next milestone will not come this year.

It has also been brought to my attention, but I don’t think by the ex, that I don’t write about Max often enough. I guess I have taken my fear of being labeled “crazy cat lady” to the other extreme, sort of, and don’t want to be one of those people who tells nothing but cat stories and shows 237 pictures of my cat sleeping on a pile of laundry thinking it’s the most clever thing ever. So please know that Max still looks forward to my workout routine and often joins in one or more of the three sections. Sometimes he’s in for the long haul and other times he’d prefer to watch me from his perch atop the back of the couch, but mostly it’s somewhere in between, like tonight. He particularly likes when I dangle in a forward bend after a back bend during the final third when he gets his rubbies in, and he seems fascinated by the silver weights, staring wide-eyed as I work those biceps.

And as long as I’m doing updates, here’s the movie with the ex report from last week. We went to see Birdman with the profoundly odd and dynamic Michael Keaton, with whom I first fell in love in 1982 when I saw him in Night Shift, an early Ron Howard film with Henry Winkler (The Fonz) and Shelly Long (Diane from Cheers). The outdoor Rickie Lee Jones concert I was to attend that night was rained out and I needed a laugh so I picked this movie as an alternative. And I got that laugh mostly due to Keaton’s manic performance. I still think he was the best Batman.

I was considering posting a picture of the ex, but then I think I would have to look for another movie buddy, so I opted for a photo from another of my favorite Michael Keaton movies. We both, the ex and I, really liked Birdman except for the very end.

In honor of Veterans Day yesterday, Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA, has been on the turntable, with much thanks to our Vets.

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