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November 10, 2014 / thackersam

November 9 – The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour

Beatles MagicThe third album I found at Helga’s Consignment Shop was my favorite find (please recall the other two were Vanilla Fudge and very early Bob Dylan, which is really good – Dylan not Fudge). Although it is proving to be far from my favorite Beatles’ album, I have gained a new appreciation for the song “Flying,” the instrumental credited to all four of the lads. However, I am just not a “Penny Lane” or “Strawberry Fields Forever” (yes, I said it) kind of gal. But I love the Beatles, and even more so as I explore there music in album form again with the ones that I already have, and those I’ve been adding to my music collection. It isn’t even so much the music as it is the sentiment it evokes. The Beatles were such a big part of my childhood and a major influence on my taste in music. They were an open door, with a welcome mat. Even our parents couldn’t help but like them or at least acknowledge who they were.

I was near giddy when I saw this in the pile of old vinyl at Helga’s. You can ask the ex. It still has its 24-page full color picture book from the television special of the same name that they made and starred in. I’ve never seen it. I am hoping to find the Help or A Hard Day’s Night soundtracks, at least one, so I can write about the movies. But I might just anyway even if I never do find either in the $4.99 bin.

Some great and very influential women in music have had birthdays recently – Bonnie Bramlett, Rickie Lee Jones, Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Raitt. I already mentioned Grace Slick’s 75th. A lot of scorpions. Makes one think.

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