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November 3, 2014 / thackersam

November 2 – The B-52’s – TIME CAPSULE Songs for a Future Generation

B52sEach time I go to Barnes and Noble and make my small purchase of one or two CDs, a card or a hollow book, I am asked if I’m a member so I can get my discount. No, I answer, then No Thank You when asked if I want to join. I guess I should rethink that now, and probably should have done so ten CDs ago. But here’s another $4.99 find from a group that had not been represented amongst my music collection though I’ve long had a fondness for them since first seeing them on Saturday Night Live early in 1980. Just not enough to buy an album.

I like their music and their persona, and felt a bond with them, particularly with singer Cindy Wilson, when her brother and original bandmate Ricky died of AIDS about a month after my own brother did at about the same age. They were a group known for being fun, and they are good at it, and were fortunately able to return to their music after this devastating blow, at first without Cindy, who eventually rejoined. Keith Strickland, the drummer, picked up guitar and other duties, Kate Pierson took the Stevie Nicks route showing up on other artists’ songs and videos after her adorable performance in “Love Shack,” and singer Fred Schneider keeps talking his way through the songs. They haven’t released any new stuff since 2008 and put out a live album a few years ago, but they are most know for their performances, so they more than have my permission to rest on their laurels. I am fortunate to have found this 1998 compilation of 18, yes 18 of their hits over their first couple of decades, which is so long I can complete an hour long workout and shower afterwards before the CD is done. Favorite B-52’s songs: “Strobelight” and “Deadbeat Club.” The ex has long been amused with my misinterpretation of the first line of “Roam,” which I thought was, and still hear “Row Misty Wattu.” I thought it was some sort of inspirational chant in a different language.

Happy 75th birthday, a few days ago, to the notorious Grace Slick.

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