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October 30, 2014 / thackersam

October 29 – The Police – Reggatta de Blanc & Ghost In The Machine

PoliceThere was this pin made of pewter in the craft gallery where I worked many, many years ago. There were many pewter pins, but this one was in the form of an open book with small pewter weapons hanging from it. A gun, a knife and a rope. I don’t think there was a candlestick. Across the pewter pages it read: It was a dark and stormy night. I had to buy it for my friend Amy, who like me, liked a good murder mystery. She loved the pin and fastened it to the lapel of her trench-like coat that she had named Basil, not the herb, the Rathbone. I think this might have been Basil II. She was a tall, pretty blond intellectual. We were friends in high school and beyond, along with Vicki and a few others, although Vicki and I remained closer, at times closer than others, all these years, and as I mentioned recently, we lost Amy just about a year ago, and Vicki four months later.

So, Amy was real smart, one of those annoying people in high school who fretted over getting an A rather than an A+. She went to Wellsley for a year before she determined she was too cool for them and transferred out. She had a boyfriend, and then a husband and didn’t talk much about guys, at least not to me, but she liked Sting. She only had to say something about him once for me to understand. She really liked Sting. I hadn’t been thinking about her much, not since Vicki died, until a couple of weekends ago when I walked into Barnes and Noble on one of my 4.99 CD runs and saw a display of those hollowed out books, and these books wore eerie covers that declared themselves to be The Raven and proved it by quothing the first line of the poem. I already have a hollowed out book, and my stepmother was thrilled when I sent her one, but something told me to buy this one – even though I didn’t need it – for Amy. I’ve been getting a lot of those something told me to moments lately. No worries, nothing nefarious and I’m not hearing voices. So now whenever I see the hollow Raven on my bookcase, I think of Amy.

And of course it is fitting that I found these two Police CDs at my local library. I started with the earlier album, and found as with other groups that I only appreciated for their hits and never explored further, I am now pretty disinterested in the other songs. So it was with Reggatta de Blanc, that boasts “Message in a Bottle” and the fabulous “Bed’s Too Big Without You.” Ghost in the Machine though faired much better with “Spirits in the Material World,” “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” and a few others I recognize. If memory serves, I think I liked Synchronicity a lot. Still, a couple of peppy little workouts with fond memories of an old friend. The Ghost in the Machine album cover may have been more appropriate choice for this time of year, but I thought we’d all like to see a picture of the lads.

Happy Halloween J. You’ll rest those weary fingers soon.

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