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August 12, 2014 / thackersam

August 12 – The Thompson Twins – Into the Gap

ThompsonThe group, at the height of their popularity was a trio more equivalent to The Mod Squad, for those of us who remember them – One white, one black, one blond, as the intro went. The Thompson Twins were not twins, not even triplets, and weren’t related by blood, though the blond and the redhead became a couple and created a child together. The group itself is no longer.

This tape was purchased strictly for the song “Hold Me Now,” which, at least in my eyes is our song, mine and the ex’s. The frustrating relationship depicted in the song mirrored ours, and like in the song, was often calmed by an embrace. The ex and I had a rocky relationship, as mentioned many times previously, but we hugged well. Hugging was the place where we were most compatible, and the hugs were so satisfying they may have been the reason why we couldn’t stay away from each other. The other songs, including another Thompson Twins hit “Doctor Doctor” are not bad and may make this a tape to listen to again if it were not for the fact that I only got to listen to it once before the tape deck totally went kaflueey. Yes, the cassette player kicked the bucket, bit the big one or the dust, depending on your preference. It is no more. It is an ex-tape deck. So until this situation is somehow rectified, I have to discontinue the exploration of the cassette tape collection. It’s a good thing a friend, whether he knows it or not, came to my rescue.

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