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August 9, 2014 / thackersam

August 9 – Fleetwood Mac – The Dance

Fleetwood-DanceNow this was a complete surprise amongst my cassette tapes. I don’t remember buying it, but I am now glad I did. Upon first listening to it, I thought it was a live recording of a concert that maybe took place in the early 80s or so, but as it turns out it was released in 1997, 20 years post Rumors. Aside from the fact that the voices are just a tad deeper and some accommodations had to be made to avoid some tricky high notes, they sounded just as good as 20 years prior. The harmonies were just as sharp, and though the blending of Lindsey Buckingham’s and Christine McVie’s voices often sound like two parts of one voice, there was a better identification of individual voices that I kind of like. The live version of “The Chain” showcases the talents of each band member and the harmony they generated from disharmony.

I think I could write a dissertation on this tape, if I knew anything about writing a dissertation. The music these five people created together was incredible. They took chances that paid off more often than not. Stevie Nicks had an all-over style to which she’s been loyal all these years, and Lindsey Buckingham, well what can I say. I remember once after a Fleetwood Mac song played on the radio, the DJ blurted out afterward “God bless and keep Lindsey Buckingham!” I don’t recall the song, but I remember agreeing wholeheartedly. On The Dance he does a solo version of “Big Love” (not to be confused with “Big Big Love” by The Pixies that we’re hearing on a commercial these days) that is amazing and demonstrates what an underrated guitarist he is. Nicks’ song “Silver Springs” hadn’t made it on to Rumors so I bought the single, which was actually the B side to “Don’t Stop” and wore it out after my final breakup with the ex. After performing it live, Nicks thanks the audience and calls it a “great old song,” and I can accept her lack of humility, because it is. The other highlights for me on this live set are “The Chain,” “Landslide” and “Tusk,” which I always really liked though many did not. I do wish that this contained McVie’s “Warm Ways,” Buckingham/McVie’s “World Turning,” and of course McVie’s “Hold Me,” a favorite of mine and the ex’s, but only second to “Hold Me Now” by The Thompson Twins. But that’s another story.

The Dance at about 40 minutes per side, makes a good workout tape, whether I want an extended exercise routine or just the usual using one side or the other. It is remarkable the music that comes from turmoil. I’ve never seen Fleetwood Mac in concert, and don’t think I’ll be seeing them this time around either, but I’m still glad the Christie McVie has joined the tour. These people should perform together through eternity.

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