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April 12, 2014 / thackersam

April 11 – Friday – Ram Break

McCartney - RamI confess I have not exercised, or had an album on, since Monday. Then tonight, after getting little boosts here and there from different people, without them even knowing the positive effects they were having, I had to move. But then the conundrum. I was, and may still not be ready to return to the project, so I needed to go through the wonderful Ram alternative list I’ve already assembled and decide which one was going onto the turntable. It was taking me way too long so I simply put Ram on, and have also come to the conclusion that the song “Ram On” is quickly becoming my favorite song in the universe. So happy, so peppy, so simple. And I’m not really a happy, peppy simple kind of gal. But I am happy for the decision. It is good that I get back to the music and the workout for many reasons, and I needed the lift. Sometimes, when too much hits at once, you get overwhelmed. Usually, I’m just whelmed, but lately it’s been slightly, and then some, overly so. Nothing I can’t handle. I just don’t want to.

I think I had mentioned that a friend gave me a couple of frames to hang album covers in for my birthday, and that I had put Paul McCartney’s Ram in one of them, then had to take it out to play it again, put it back in the frame and so on, so now that album sits on one of the speakers waiting to be played again. Recently, I discovered that Linda Rondstat’s Silk Purse made a lovely decoration. I just haven’t decided on the other album to frame.

Rondstadt - Silk Purse

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