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April 10, 2014 / thackersam

April 9 – Wednesday – Break

DC5I know, I just took a break a month ago, but please bear with me. I may get my mojo back tomorrow, for all I know, but I’m not feeling it right now. Could I be mentally spent due to the spending too much time with one artist twice in a row? It’s possible. I promise, if I don’t participate in the project tomorrow or the next day, I will start hitting the Ram alternative list. It’s also an odd time for a break because I’m not quite done with the S’s. I still have two albums left under S, and this will give everyone a chance to try to guess what they are. It’s two different artists, and remember we just finished Stewart. Oh, and all previous guesses, while good ones, have not been correct.

Last night I watched the PBS Masterpiece Theater two-hour special on The Dave Clark Five. It consisted of interviews with a lot of musicians like Bruce Springsteen, old fans, and Sharon Osbourne for some reason, and clips of the group’s performances, which was fun to see. It was said that they were on The Ed Sullivan Show more than any rock ‘n roll group. The musicians talked about what a big influence DC5 had been on them. Max Weinberg said he became a drummer because of Dave Clark, and apparently Dave Clark was more creative and admired than I ever knew. There were interviews with Clark, who looks a little taut, and with the late Mike Smith. I don’t know how long before his death the interview with Smith was filmed, but he still looked darn good for an old guy. Still had that devilish smile and bedroom eyes. He was also lauded by those interviewed for his musical talents as well. Best part though was Stevie Wonder talking about the song “You Got What it Takes,” and saying “I can almost see them perform it live.”



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