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January 23, 2014 / thackersam

January 22 – Wednesday – Mott the Hoople – Mott

Mott - MottNot as good as All the Young Dudes, but even though everything didn’t ring a bell, it started with “All the Way From Memphis” and kept me going – moving and reminiscing to the end. This one is not a Ram contender, but I just like the Mott sound and enjoyed hearing it again.

In fact, I think I saw them in concert in my senior year of high school – or tried to – but I cannot remember. Funny, I remember exactly what I was wearing down to the shoes, and that I was with the Dean’s son and another couple. I remember going to my first (and I think only) after hours club, where we went after we did whatever we did. I just don’t remember seeing the group perform. Perhaps they cancelled?

Mott consisted of Ian Hunter, lead singer, writer and arranger; Mick Ralphs, lead guitar and writer on these two and prior albums; and bassist Overend Watts, who was my crush in the band because he had insane hair. Oh and the drummer whose name is Buffin.

Drummers are often overlooked unless they’re Keith Moon, Ginger Baker, Gene Krupa, Dave Clark or Ringo Starr. Oh and Don Henley or Max Weinberg. Then there’s Mick Fleetwood…

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