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January 21, 2014 / thackersam

January 20 – Monday – Mott the Hoople – All the Young Dudes

Mott - All the  YoungOh, I did love Mott the Hoople, and the song “All the Young Dudes,” written by David Bowie is still one of my favorites. They started with a nice rendition of Lou Reed’s “Sweet Jane” and led me into a good workout.

And to think, I wasn’t looking forward to working out tonight. I actually wasn’t going to, not even to Ram, until I made myself put the old sweatpants on. As if transformed by clothing I started to feel like moving, just as when you’re lethargic and lounging in your sweats until you force yourself to get dressed, and then are all psyched to go out. I wasn’t looking forward to Mott the Hoople either. I thought they’d be draggy. But no – this is some good rock ‘n roll. And it’s mine. I’m exercising and daydreaming and thought of course I wasn’t feeling The Mothers. Mott, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, they were my choice, my music in high school. The Mothers, though I appreciate them, and A Clockwork Orange, which I don’t, were things that were waved in front of us as avant garde and progressive. I wasn’t innately drawn to them. I didn’t really like writing about The Mothers, and was afraid I wouldn’t like writing about Mott, or whatever else I was musing about tonight. Thankfully, we have gotten over yet another hump.

I also thought I wouldn’t recall more than “All the Young Dudes” on the album, but I recognized the whole record like another old friend, and found myself howling along to “Ready for Love.” I do believe I will add this to the end of the Ram alternate list.

More Mott next time.

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