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November 24, 2013 / thackersam

November 23 – Saturday – George Harrison – The Concert for Bangladesh – Pts. 2&3

Well this makes more sense. Sides 3 and 4 are back to back, but I was reminded that back in the day we stacked our albums and the order of the three records made sense as we could play the first three sides in order and then flip them to play the next three in order.

I hadn’t exercised in a couple of days so decided to do the last two records together. Don’t be too impressed, the sides were uneven, one was more than 20 minutes and the last was less than 8. The whole workout consisting of four album sides was only an extra 22 minutes.

I actually enjoyed reliving the experience of the record, the concert and the concept, and getting in a bit more aerobics. One side was all Bob Dylan, which I gave up trying to move to, as it’s not that aerobically inspiring. What I did find motivating was hearing Leon Russell singing “Jumping Jack Flash” and “Youngblood.” I had wanted to be Youngblood.

I like George Harrison. I like both of his wives. I highly recommend the two-part documentary about him by Martin Scorsese – Living in the Material World. You learn a lot about him and about the Beatles. Stuff us regular folk wouldn’t know.

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