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November 21, 2013 / thackersam

November 20 – Wednesday – George Harrison – The Concert for Bangladesh – Pt. 1

It doesn’t say George Harrison on the box of this 3-record set, but this was all his baby and a big step out on his own after The Beatles break-up, at least to the public eye. The concerts included performances by a number of artists including Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and Leon Russell, oh and Ringo. To my memory, it was the first big name conglomerate benefit concert, the first rock concert album and the first 3-record set.

But the odd thing about it is that side 2 is not on the back of side 1, side 6 is. Side 2 is paired with side 5, so I needed to take out both records to remain consistent. But not so much as I once again decided to start with side 2, which consisted of George Harrison songs and one by Billy Preston. Side 1 is the introduction and Ravi Shankar and I didn’t think I would get a good workout from Ravi. Again, a wise move on my part. The sitar music was much more conducive to the floor exercises, and not altogether unenjoyable.

I have reached the three-month anniversary of this project.

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