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October 23, 2013 / thackersam

October 22 – Tuesday – The Dave Clark Five – Historia De La Musica Rock

It’s a best of album I probably bought in the late 70s, maybe even the 80s, but not in the 60s when they were in their heyday. I loved the Dave Clark Five and The Animals, but don’t think I bought any albums of my own until the late 60s when my taste in music was becoming my own. I bought this to fill the void, but it is missing my favorite DC5 song “Bits and Pieces,” that’s shouted out in a raspy throatiness by the late, great Mike Smith, who had a little bit of a Paul McCartney look to him (yes, I had a crush on him, too). “Bits and Pieces” is a stomping song. I like stomping songs. And hey songs (ex-“That’s What I Like About You” by The Romantics, and the Spencer Davis Group’s “Gimme Some Lovin”). I remember “Because” as one of the most beautiful songs I’d ever heard at eight-years-old.

Cara A includes the other very recognizable DC5 classics, while Cara B seems to be made up of songs that came after their height of popularity, during which they covered other artists’ peace and love songs.

Fitness Report:

The hem of my size 12 pants are scuffing the floor just a bit, and I now fit nicely into the pants that was my first cross-over from 10 to 12 and are smaller than what I have been wearing for the past year. I’m sure I could squeeze into a size 10 now, but I’d look silly.

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