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April 2, 2017 / thackersam

Blow Away Dandelion

I can’t blame Bill O’Reilly for being distracted by his own shallowness. I too find it hard to listen to those I disagree with. I’m not however, an old crotchety, sexist bigot, with an overblown ego fueled by the idiocy of others, but I have had many a shallow moment myself. I am in good company with those who can’t get past the McConnell mutant neck, and when I look at Ryan, I can’t help but think he might be a good-looking fellow if not for that enormous nose. The ugliness of the current president has always been there and when I set eyes on him the very first time decades ago, I deemed him to be the epitome of “the ugly American.” And he just keeps getting more hideous. His creepy kids require full access to a variety of stylists and his third wife who is sucking New Yorkers dry, has a voice so irritating I wouldn’t have blamed God if s/he struck her down after she said “Let us pray,” before reciting the Lord’s Prayer at a rally a month after the inauguration, based on voice alone and not just the hypocrisy. But she does have a voice, mind you, and any momentary pity I felt for her, and I did, for a moment, is long gone. These are not attractive people.

Kelly Anne’s spackled on make-up is less of a distraction for me as it just adds to the amusing ridiculousness of the words that come out of her mouth. I will admit that she does bring the humor to this whole situation for me. But that bannon guy, holy moly, what a freakin’ ick-face, totally. I can’t listen to him, nor look at him. I actually do not know what he sounds like. So while we shouldn’t back off O’Reilly for his idiotic remarks and offensive demeanor, we should understand his limitation as an unevolved person that is a beacon to those that are threatened by evolution, and by truly intelligent people they like to consider beneath them. His comments were not inappropriate for him. Quite the contrary.

BTW – Or, in other news this week, I was rather dismayed that Crayola has decided to discontinue the lovely yellow-colored crayon that we all know as “dandelion,” in favor of a shade of blue. Well, it just better be a special blue! Dammit. So of course I had “Dandelion” by the Rolling Stones going through my head, but was singing it as “go away dandelion.” But “blow away dandelion” fits with my wishful thinking as Hillary is out and about, talking and inspiring, and looking refreshed and recharged. And that started Springsteen’s “Kitty’s Back” playing in my head. Kitty was not a woman to be messed with.

As I press Publish, I am about to re-watch last week’s episode of Big Little Lies, which I am just loving. I do have my theories about tonight’s finale, but only one that I’ve bet money on with Cousin Bratty. This is right up my alley. No, they’re not giving a lot of clues about the murder, but they really are. I still can’t predict the end though. Along with everything that is intriguing about this series is the soundtrack and the choice of songs from several decades. Hearing Grace Slick’s vocals alone on “White Rabbit” in one episode reminded me of what a powerful a voice she had. But when they ended another episode with Big Brother and the Holding Company’s Ball and Chain, I just went into another world listening to Janis Joplin belting it out and feeling oh so very lucky that I was around when she was. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. I wonder if Bill O’Reilly had a hard time listening to her in the sixties based on her appearance.

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