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July 31, 2016 / thackersam

Reflections of Hoboken

Last week I was going to write about my trip back from the IWWG conference, just the amusing parts, but got waylaid by some necessary business, and, like it or not, I will need to go there again several times before November, and then afterwards – well we’ll see, won’t we. But not tonight.

And that is how I began this evening’s post. Then I told a story that is a cute story but should really start with the words Dear Diary. It wasn’t a memory, or even memorable. It was something that happened the other day, and had nothing to do with music or exercise, or politics. So we’re foregoing a story for tonight and skipping to the end.

And that is this evening’s story, but for those who are interested, even though technically I should not report this until after tomorrow morning’s weigh-in, I met the goal I set for myself for this month and am now at 145lbs. Of course, this week I will be having bacon and eggs with the ex, and drinks with Gilda and another friend the following night, but I will take it in stride. I have miles to go, but considering this year’s set-backs, the expected ones like winter and conferences, and the unexpected health issues, I’m pleased. My next goal is to be safely under 140 by the end of the year, and deal with winter a little better than I have in the past.

BTW – The picture that accompanies this post, which had nothing to do with the deleted one, was taken from my window facing east. The building in the middle clearly reflects west. So, what you see is the Hudson River and Hoboken, NJ in the reflection of a building. Cool, huh?

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