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June 5, 2016 / thackersam

We Are All 99

99We are all 99 – Except for those of us who are not.

And that’s my political commentary for the day.

I don’t feel like writing this week. I’m okay. I’m just coddling myself again after the Friday I had, which actually ended on a really high note. The business event wasn’t a booming success in numbers, but those who attended had great time. Myself included. I did overindulge in too many ways and realized while someone was telling me that it was national doughnut day, that it was also my four-year anniversary of being a non-smoker. All in all, I think I deserve a little self-coddling.

And yeah, I looked pretty darned good in my dress, considering that I had the MRI biopsy that morning, which was not much fun, but interesting, and gave me the opportunity to party that night with an icepack in my bra.

BTW – Though my post-procedure instructions advised me to refrain from any kind of exercise for three days, I cheated. It’s Sunday, and as we know, no matter what, I perform a full workout on Sundays, and did so this evening, albeit somewhat less energetic than usual. I only cheated by three quarters of a day, maybe two thirds. Had to. You should have seen all the crap I put in my body Friday night, given that crap is a relative term. It should be noted though that I had neither cigarette nor doughnut.

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