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May 22, 2016 / thackersam

Life Is Better With Bendy Straws

I did something the other evening I’ve not done in a very, very long time. I tried on dresses at home. Yes, I do have dresses. Three in fact that I can consider wearing now. Two made the cut as the third could use a few pounds off the middle so it doesn’t pooch in the back. It’s for a thing – a work cocktail party thing that I’m helping to organize because I’m the one with event-planning experience even though it’s not my event. As it has been five years since I have bared my legs in public, I thought I might just wear a dress.  Give my colleagues a treat. I’ve got ‘em, I just need to wear ‘em. I got shoes, too. The shapewear is on its way.

On another topic, it is a good thing that the concoctions I’ve been whipping up lately aren’t totally inedible, as I follow the bartenders’ creed that one must drink one’s mistakes. I am learning by my mistakes, little by little, unfortunately my cooking skills are not really improving. I was a bartender, in fact, at one point in my younger life. I wasn’t very good at that either, however I didn’t have to drink my mistakes. I just made everyone drink beer. I am though, a very good business event planner.

I had an MRI on Friday, followed by a facial at GemVie, all set to have surgery tomorrow. But on my way home that evening, my surgeon called to say that the MRI produced results that because of my decision to not follow up with radiation, further tests, meaning a mammogram biopsy on both breasts is needed. I know, I did say, do say, that I would rather lose the breast than put a necessary organ at risk, but I’d prefer that they both stick around for a while. I kind of feel like I’m being punished for my choices, and of course was hopeful that this would be as simple as last time – just cut me open, pop out the tiny tumors and send me on my way. I suspected I’d be back, and suspect I will be back again. I won’t regret my choices, I just need to get over the stress and anxiety, which I believe is a big contributor to health issues, even cancer.

BTW – Life really is much better with multi-colored bendy straws. For me and Max.

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