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February 15, 2016 / thackersam

a room of my own


I’m not writing tonight. Oh, except to say that I braved the cold (and it is mighty, mighty cold here in NYC) to go to the Abingdon Theatre in midtown to see a matinee of A Room of My Own. It was very funny, very sad, very loud and often disturbing, and as I explained to the ex when telling him about the wonderful movie Inside Out, some things are a little harder to take for Abby-Normals like us. But we’re tough and can appreciate a good play that is well-written, produced, directed and acted, even if it makes you cry as others laugh (I wasn’t the only one dabbing my eyes).

It runs through March 13th, if anyone is interested. Ralph Macchio plays the storyteller/playwright, so I was telling everyone that my valentine date was going to be the Karate Kid.

And Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Here’s my theory about Valentine’s Day. If you show your woman that you love her throughout the rest of the year, she’ll just think that Valentine’s Day is a big waste of money. Have your own special day. That’s for men, but you can easily make this gender neutral or all-inclusive.

BTW – Do it for Johnny!

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