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November 2, 2015 / thackersam

November 1 – I’m Not Writing!

bday cake-buddy2smallYou know, I have things on my mind right now. Kind of major stuff. Nothing that anyone should worry about other than me. That is if you were to worry about me at all. But I don’t feel like writing, particularly about what is on my mind right now, and that is all I’m thinking about. Plus, I am having serious pen malfunctions.

First, as I’m writing this, the black pen of the Pilot G-2 07 set that I keep a steady supply of, just ran out of ink, and the other pen sitting on the coffee table (that I can see as the table needs a good sweeping of papers and what-not that have piled up), is the pen that came in a request for a donation to an organization I don’t know of, but do make donations to one similar. I think it’s the same organization that sends a nickel along with a letter that says something like – do you know what a nickel can do? This of course causes me to think – then why don’t you just keep it? I’ve collected 10¢ from them so far, and a pen that has extended its nib fully and won’t retract. But I have to use it anyway, because while I don’t want to write, it seems that I am.

And please, I am not saying don’t give to charities that send you stuff, just don’t feel obligated to do so. I actually donate to one that has sent me a half dozen world maps. It’s the cost of doing business, as they say. Do use the stuff. It would be silly to waste them (though I don’t know what to do with all the maps), and do give to charities that you think are worthwhile.

Hey – Do you all know what today is? It’s Trouble-Buddy’s birthday! In a few weeks, we’ll be the same age again.

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