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September 6, 2015 / thackersam

September 6 – Ry Cooder – Borderline

Cooder, RyJust when I thought I was coming too close to crossing the line into curmudgeonville, or just not appreciating Trouble Buddy’s taste in the music of the early 1980s, along comes Ry Cooder from the bottom of the box of albums she sent me. I quite enjoyed it. It’s kind of a folksy, country, Latin blend, perhaps a cross between Leon Russell and Willie DeVille, who are both represented in my own album collection. I don’t recall much more than Ry Cooder’s name, but I associate him with Captain Beefheart, whenever I would be reminded of one or the other, which could happen, and apparently just did. And when I press back into that part of my memory, I can see posters of each of them side by side, high on the wall of the record shop in town, where I used to hang out. As it turns out, there is a stronger connection between them than just their pictures on large sheets of paper hanging out together amongst the records and a lot of idle suburban teenagers. Cooder and Beefheart had indeed collaborated musically. Captain Beefheart, who was probably best known for his 1970 album Lick My Decals Off, Baby, is no longer with us, but the still productive Ry Cooder has had a few albums out in this decade, and is also a writer.

Btw – Neither the ex nor I reached our six pound weight-loss goal, but we are not doing badly and are feeling the momentum. We have agreed on another pact to lose 5lbs by Halloween, and I think this one is quite attainable.

Just one more by the way, if you don’t mind – I thought of my brother on September 1st, the day before his birthday, and again on September 3rd when it hit me that I had not thought of him at all on the 2nd. I hope not to think of him again tomorrow, the anniversary of his death, but wish to continue holding him in my heart and mind to remember him not for his birth nor for his death, but for his life. Love you, miss you.


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  1. Masaki Suzuki / Sep 7 2015 12:29 am

    Ry Cooder has been one of my huge influence on my guitar playing! “Why Don’t You Try Me?” is my favorite tune off this album.

    • thackersam / Sep 7 2015 6:50 pm

      I will gladly give the song another listen. In fact, I would not be adverse to exploring more Cooder in the future. I did read that he was known to be quite the guitar player. Thanks for the recommendation.

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