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August 10, 2015 / thackersam

August 9 – Tuesday

Tuesday BladeWhen I was 19 or 20, I joined The Book of the Month Club. One of the monthly selections that I received because I actually ordered it, was a book called The Tuesday Blade. Those of you who are aware of my current project and the length of my memory will understand that this has particular meaning even though the main character uses one of a set of fancy straight-edge razors to slay her victims. I’ve yet to determine the type of knife my character uses, but let’s just say for now it will be in the dagger family. The razor set in this book consists of blades for each day of  the week, much like the days-of-the-week panties referenced in When Harry Met Sally, though I think there was a Sunday blade (this is a chance for you to watch, or re-watch if you’re like me, a truly wonderful movie).

But this post in not about a specific book or movie, it’s about Tuesday. What is it do you think, about Tuesday that makes it so, well, Tuesday. Of course, it does mean that Monday is over, but it’s got something else going for it. Something about the word itself. Example: One night I decided to give a television show about 30-something males a shot, as there was nothing else on of interest to me. I’d never seen the show and knew nothing of the characters, but in the opening, because that’s as far as I got, one asks when a particular event had occurred. The answer could have been anything – February, 6:45, 2007, a couple of weeks ago. “Tuesday” I blurted out a moment before the character from whom we were awaiting the answer said “Tuesday.” There was laughter. Canned or live, Tuesday seemed to be the funniest response. I do believe the show has since been cancelled, through no fault of Tuesday’s.

Getting back to movies, we have If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium, starring the late, fabulous Suzanne Pleshette, and book to TV movie Tuesday’s with Morrie. But as this is a music, exercise and memory blog, we have to acknowledge that Tuesday has been quite popular with songwriters. Why, for instance, did the Moody Blues choose Tuesday to represent afternoons on their classic album Days of Future Passed? There is of course “Ruby Tuesday” by the Stones and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Tuesday’s Gone,” and oh so many others that mention that particular day of the week. Let’s not forget the group from which Amy Mann sprang, ‘Til Tuesday. And just so you know, I don’t believe that Tuesday’s just as bad as “Stormy Monday,” especially since when Tuesday ends, we get to celebrate Hump Day!

Btw – To my California friend, the pendulum thing is good just as long as it swings on the downside. So don’t be dismayed at that three-pound range. I am now more encouraged than I was last week that I shall hit the pact mark and will have comfortably lost the six pounds by September 4th. While I cannot avoid the contents of the traditional breakfasts with the ex, when I am on my own or with others like my City cousin, I can say the words “no potatoes” now with more ease, and instead of having salad for lunch and then Chipotle’s or curry for dinner, I make sure I have another salad at least two nights a week. And while I will try to up that number, I will never give up the cheese.

Maybe we can enlist Trouble Buddy’s help in thinking of a better moniker for you than California friend.

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