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May 18, 2015 / thackersam

May 17 – Heighty Hi

Amy&We’re taking a trip back, far back in my life, but only to early last year in blog time to the Rod Stewart albums. Not the Faces because we split them up if you remember. If you so choose, you may refer to March 31, 2014 – Every Picture Tells a Story, which then refers back to a Lee Michaels post on the prior January 5th. I was 14 and 15 in those stories, and so was my friend, my trouble-buddy I’ve written about, who also appears in an even earlier post about my 45s and again in a later one on August 31, 2014, when I saw my old bud for the first time in decades. Well, here she is now, sitting next to me on my couch as I post tonight’s article. She came up for a solemn occasion having to do with our old friend with whom we had dinner that late August evening, and who just succumbed to her cancer. Trouble-bud and Robin (as we can now use her name) were very close in high school and remained close despite physical distance since. She came up from her southern home and is roosting with me for the weekend. So, if you don’t mind, this is tonight’s post as my bud and I have much to catch up on and have not caused enough trouble yet. Nor are we likely to, as we don’t actually remember how.

No exercise for a while, but we’ve done some walking and just came back from an evening cruise on the Staten Island Ferry.

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