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May 4, 2015 / thackersam

May 3 – Bye Bye Brazil

Bye Bye BrazilI thought I might have lost my peeps in Brazil, whoever they may be. I began to worry, but now I think they’re just getting acclimated to my new once a week blogging schedule. So it’s not really bye bye Brazil, I just liked the movie poster.

Tonight, I was going to write about why I have pared down the blog, how I need to get those writing projects I’ve got hanging in midair brought back to reality and finish them, dammit. I’ve enlisted a friend’s assistance, making it her job, which she does very well, to be a cheerleader. But after an initial surge, I’ve gotten back into making excuses. No one wants to read about that. I have owned up to my mental defectiveness as you may recall, having the answers right in my hands without the impetus to use them. All I have to do is type them up. And yet, I don’t. So rather than bore you with that nonsense, I’ll wait and post about it when I’ve actually reached a goal. I hope to make it all worth my friend’s pompom shaking efforts.

I picked up three new CDs today, old Annie Lennox, Sheryl Crow and TLC, for a buck each. I haven’t even gotten to the last batch I bought, nor have I run through all of the ex’s CDs. However, I have incorporated his best of Linda Ronstadt, which I’ll bet he bought for “Long, Long Time,” into my “Smooth” and Sly routine using it for the last two-thirds of the workout, and alternating it with Amy Winehouse. What can I say, I’ve been in a weird mood. The only problem with the Ronstadt CD is that the chanting (yes, I still chant) winds up drowning out that heart-tugging, we’ve all been there, “Long, Long Time.” I’ve got to figure out something, cause we cannot have that.


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