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April 12, 2015 / thackersam

April 12 – NEWs

Last Thursday night I saw my first fireworks display off Liberty Island in a long time, considering that they are not so infrequent down this way. It was so terribly overcast that the works burst low and the larger ones got cut nearly in half by the clouds. It wasn’t the most brilliant display, but it was very welcome and needed, and reminds me why I live down here.

Pat St. John, disc jockey from back in the old WNEW-FM days and who has been with the New York “oldies” station WCBS for a long time, said goodbye to New York radio today after more than 40 years as a fixture on the airwaves. He’s not a big memory for me, not like Vin Scelsa and many of the other NEW radio personalities, but he’ll be missed nonetheless.

Max got a new mouse and a bag of catnip the other day. I think he’s quite pleased. We’ve beenMax & Mouse chasing each other around the apartment so he can lose some of his 22 pounds. I’m still exercising to Sly and the Family Stone, and now I’ve thrown “Smooth” in because it makes me feel good.

I’m thinking of cutting back to blogging once a week. So, if I don’t post on Wednesday, you’ll know why.

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