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March 5, 2015 / thackersam

March 4 – Laura Nyro – The First Songs

Laura NyroTonight I was going to write about something that’s been bothering me, but you know me, taking all those side trips to Tangent City. So instead I made myself listen to a Laura Nyro CD, courtesy of the ex. Of course I love Laura Nyro. Who doesn’t? She was great and gone too soon. Listening to this record however, reminded me of the problem I had with the Karla Bonoff album. THAT was a long time ago. Way back in the B’s of the A-Z album project. Karla Bonoff wrote some good songs that were covered by the likes of Linda Ronstadt. Good song writer, nice voice, but the songs have much more personality than the singer, meaning Bonoff herself. This is how I feel about Laura Nyro, I am very, very sorry to say. She’s got a very nice voice, but her songs really shine through the throats of others. “Wedding Bell Blues,” covered very successfully by the 5th Dimension, which by the way my mother was obsessed with because she had wanted to marry the first officer of a cruise ship named Bill (the ship’s name was the Oceanic, not Bill), but didn’t, probably because she had children. There’s a lot of feeling from Marilyn McCoo in this song, who did marry her Bill, fellow 5th Dimensioner Billy Davis Jr. And they’re still together.

My brother really liked Barbra Streisand’s version of “Stony End,” but it was Barbra after all. I, not being a big fan of her music, also liked it as it’s atypical of Babs and quite a catchy tune. “Eli’s Coming” by Three Dog Night, which, as you know I have on my very own Three Dog Night live album, was a favorite of mine and would be my first exposure to the songs of Laura Nyro. But that song is not on this CD.

So basically (don’t hate me – I swear I love Laura Nyro), this CD was really boring and I have to admit that I skipped over a lot so I could put Sly back on to get in a decent workout. How do I feel about Carol King, did I hear you ask? Great songwriter, not a great voice, but there’s something else there that makes her listenable. I mentioned this before, don’t remember when, but my brother drove my mother crazy with Tapestry, and I have since learned that was not uncommon.

Pretty album cover though.

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