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February 4, 2015 / thackersam

February 4 – Concert for Vicki

Pooh's CornerI have promised myself that when I hit the next weight milestone I will treat myself to a sausage and pepper hero from the truck outside my office building. For years I’ve been tempted by the aroma but have yet to succumb. The last milestone, which was getting comfortably under 150, came before the holiday season and being that I do experience holiday blues I was not about to make it worse for me by denying myself treats. I did not spoil myself rotten nor treat myself to something I had not yet earned, and I did start to pull out of it after the beginning of January.

Then I received an email that convinced me that I would need to be miserable a little longer. A memorial was to be held for my dear friend Vicki to mark the one year anniversary of her very untimely and unexpected death. I miss her, I miss her, I miss her. So much so I actually spoke at the service that was this past Friday. I hate speaking in public and often explain that I am a writer, not a speaker.

It was billed as the Concert for Vicki as she was fond of the annual Concert for George that honored her favorite Beatle. Her husband started it off by playing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” on flute. Her sister spoke then sang a cappella a song from Mary Poppins that they used to sing together as kids, her oldest son spoke of their sharing of musical tastes and played a Mozart piece on piano. Various people played various classical pieces on various instruments, and others spoke. It was all very nice, however I kept thinking that someone needed to play some Talking Heads, a group she loved – a little “Psycho Killer” on clarinet, or Elvis Costello, whom she also loved. I think she would have appreciated hearing someone bang out “Pump it Up” on piano or even “Watching Her Detectives” on violin. But it was so good to see some of my surrogate family again. I spoke for a little over a minute, a prepared speech that I started off by explaining that I would rather have a Brazilian wax in Macy’s window than speak in public. I never looked up from my typed page, but fortunately I heard some laughter. And then I spoke about how Vicki entertained us one time when we were still in our teens by reading from Winnie the Pooh and I read a short quote.

I have allowed myself further wallowing by eating incorrectly, not exercising enough and gaining back some of the belly I had shaved off, by making myself promise myself that I would get back on track starting tomorrow, the day she died a year ago. The sausage and peppers will just have to wait a bit longer.Pooh Quote


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