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December 31, 2014 / thackersam

December 31 – Happy New Year

Walrus new yearLast year at this time, I was smack in the middle of the album A-Z workout project, and had just gone from McCartney, to Meatloaf and was readying for Lee Michaels. I’ve never been above a size 12 and was still a size twelve at the time, just a bit more fit. Now, the project long over, I’m still floundering about as to how to handle the blog, yet am still dedicated to working out, to listening to the music of various stages of my life and exploring different though not unfamiliar sounds. And I am a size 10. So much so, I’ve been pigging out, and sometimes on sugary substances throughout the holiday season, and still remain a size 10. And not even the same size 10 as I was the last time I was comfortably that size. Except for the belly, which although it has gotten a bit smaller is still the hold-out, the rest of the body has gotten firmer. Oh yeah, and the bat wings and turkey neck show little improvement. Aside from all that (seems like a lot though, now that I type it up) I think I look pretty good. Not much like a walrus. The exercise routine is more strenuous than a year ago, but it’s a matter of progression and I hardly notice. Music-wise, I have tonight, tomorrow and the thought that it is the start of yet another year to get through, but am still finding comfort with Sly & the Family Stone, Benny Goodman and The Young Rascals.

Happy New Year to one and all and a few very happy birthday wishes as well. Glad tidings!

Thanks to Cafe Press for use of the great photo.

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