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December 11, 2014 / thackersam

December 10 – HAPPY

MinionsLast week, I ate cookies in bed, two nights in a row. And I don’t care. Remember that mammogram I didn’t tell you about that I had the day before my birthday, which was my first follow up in too long a time after the cancer surgery I had and only alluded to way back at the beginning of The Walrus Was Paul? Well, I had good news, very good news and thought if there was ever a time I deserved to eat cookies in bed, two nights in a row, it was at that moment(s). I did wait until after meeting with the oncologist and confirming the findings to share my good news with you. And I want to of course, but I am cautious about what I do share, for various reasons, but in this case I didn’t want to focus on that issue. It’s an important issue, I know very well, but I’ve got a tangled theme as it is that I’d like to stick with. But I wanted you to know that I am good!

I know! Didn’t I just have another bit of wonderful health news recently? Yes, indeed I did. And it doesn’t stop there. My planets must be very well aligned these days because something unexpected that is good for me happened at work. And that’s all I’ll say about that because this is not a bitch session about my job (which by the way, I do like certain aspects of). Oh and my laptop came home last night. This is my first time really using it since it went into rehab, and it’s great. The D key, and all its neighbors are still in place. I am HAPPY and playing the lottery.

I’ve also got more CDs that I’m enjoying and will write about later. But why do they make CD packaging so hard to open? I remember coming home all excited with a new album, ripping it open and throwing it on the turntable. It’s not that simple anymore. I actually just got a lecture on buying CDs instead of downloading music. This is a big step for me though, and I’m having fun.

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