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November 24, 2014 / thackersam

November 23 – Rockin’ out with Benny

You know, I have nothing to write about tonight. I’ve been finding comfort in my parents’ old Benny Goodman album lately. It really provokes no memories whatsoever, but it does prompt me to move – kind of mindlessly – concentrating on nothing, except actually thinking I’m a dancer. It’s nice once in a while. I’ve not been working out much since Wednesday’s post. I’ve had a couple of nice long walks though so I can be excused, can’t I? But when I do get back into the routine, I’m not into thinking. So this is me, not writing and not thinking. Maybe I’ll start thinking again tomorrow. I do want to warn you that I had to send my new laptop back to the manufacturer for repairs. Darn thing’s D popped off. Now I’m trying to blog with my old laptop that doesn’t seem to want to cooperate internet-wise. So if I don’t post during the week, you’ll know why.

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