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October 2, 2014 / thackersam

October 1 – Happy Rocktober!

RocktoberI think Amy Winehouse is going to come out only when company is over. It’s good for that, but playing it while alone, whether exercising or not, is getting a little depressing.

So what have I been exercising to that I haven’t been telling you about? I’m still limited tape-wise and will be for some time. The Beastie Boys, as you may remember me saying, make for a mighty fine workout, as does the Beatles #1 CD. I do get back to the Ram 20 albums and have been listening and working out to Bob Seger’s Stranger in Town, but for the past two nights it’s been that reliable standby Hot Rocks. You can always depend on old Rolling Stones to get you moving. Plus, as I haven’t returned the borrowed albums yet, I’ve thrown in a little American Beauty by the Grateful Dead. I’ve been very pleased with my $5 finds of late, but I think I’ve exhausted my local Barnes and Noble’s CD collection. However one never know what may turn up.

So here’s what happened yesterday. After procrastinating for more than one year and ten months, I finally renewed my driver’s license. I keep it on me at all times, but haven’t had the chance to use it in years. No surprise that I got lax. I thought I had a year, so last early November, I got new glasses that came with an eye exam, and thus had the proper paperwork from the optometrist to submit to the DMV. Then I found out I had up to two years in New York State to renew the license after the expiration date. I don’t know why I just didn’t get it done, and neither did a friend at work. Then something hit me, and I just went on the DMV website and did it. Having had previously changed my address for my license, the whole thing took me all of three minutes, and that included making the payment. I was so majorly pleased with myself, I went to my friend’s office and said “guess what I just did,” thinking he’d guess right away. He didn’t want to guess but I prodded him. “You got job offer,” he said. Oh, I could hear that bubble pop. “No,” I said as I felt my whole face sink. “You got something published,” he guessed again, and wouldn’t you know, another bubble burst. When I told him I finally renewed my license he too was very pleased, but it was too late. “Not as monumental as it was a moment ago,” I said. No, not near as great as the other two would have been, but it was a big check off my to-do list, that I don’t have to worry about again for another five to seven years.

This post was supposed to be published yesterday. But Time Warner Cable’s internet service sucks. They know this too as they recently offered customers new high speed modems. So today, I got off my procrastinating butt and called to order mine. It should be here by late next week.

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