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September 11, 2014 / thackersam

September 10 – Janis, Bruce and Reading

Janis BruceI’m not posting, sort of, so I thought I would share this article for anyone who is a Bruce and/or Janis fan, or just thinks this is pretty cool.

From Asbury Park Press: The night Janis Joplin met Bruce Springsteen. Psychedelic blues singer had a close encounter with aspiring young rocker in Asbury Park.

So just a short comment off the topic, for me at least since I’m not really posting.

I need to read more. No. I need to read. My bedtime reading dwindled when I got a Blackberry a little more than four years ago. Yes. That was my first phone. Then with the IPhone, well forget reading. There have been small attempts, and then I decided to get serious, but start small. I took out my old copy of Animal Farm and I’ve gotten all the way through page 16, three times as a matter of fact, and after a few weeks of it gathering dust on the nightstand, I gave up. Then I thought I’d go easy and found my even older copy of Alice in Wonderland. That didn’t work either. Finally, after seeing a couple of off-off Broadway plays this late-summer, I found on my bookshelf a book of one-act plays that was printed in 1991, which I didn’t even know I had. I do like reading plays – Tennessee Williams, some August Strindberg – so it’s not a big surprise that it is doing the trick, and I am happy to report that I am reading again. Yay.

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