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September 2, 2014 / thackersam

September 2nd

Beatles 1Five days from today marks the 29th anniversary of the day my brother died. So long ago, but he remains in my heart along with the pain and sadness of losing him, and for what he went through. But this day is more significant as today is his birthday. He would have been 62. I think about all he’s missed. He definitely would have been among the first to have a cell phone, and a CD player, all the things I resisted at first, and second. He missed the turn of the century, marrying his partner, and then marrying his partner legally, maybe even adopting a child together. But it’s his birthday, and as my blog is about music, exercising to it, and the stirred up memories, I need to reiterate that it was my brother with whom I discovered rock ‘n roll, while watching shows together like Ed Sullivan, Shindig and Hullabaloo. So I exercised tonight to this Beatles compilation CD of 27 of their #1 hits that I found at Housing Works just this weekend. It appropriately ends with The Long and Winding Road, a favorite Beatles song of my mother’s, and mine, and it always reminds me of a dream I had about my brother soon after he died. This evening’s workout is in celebration of the short time he was on this earth.

Miss you.

Btw – Great workout tonight! Yeah Beatles.


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